"As a family, we believe in the importance of the countryside and the rural environment"

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About Fold Hill

The Fold Hill story

The Grant family has been farming the land near Boston in Lincolnshire for over 80 years. Originally, Fold Hill was a mixed farm with sheep and cattle grazing alongside fields of vegetables and cereals.

However, in 1979 farmer Ted Grant OBE was faced with a dilemma. By now the farm had turned completely arable and relied heavily on oil to help dry the crops after harvest. Unfortunately, when oil prices skyrocketed, Ted wasn’t convinced that the business would remain viable. There had to be an alternative.

Long before farm diversification became the norm it is today, Ted bought a small, second-hand oven started producing dog food on the farm premises. The wheat grown in the fields would be used in the biscuit and basic food mixers and the barns that once had stored the grain would become a factory.

When Ted stepped back towards retirement in 2000, the running of the business passed to the next generation, his sons James and Andrew and the grandchildren. Today we farm 3,000 acres, employ over 150 local people and specialise in growing baby vegetables, cereal and, of course, producing high quality dog and cat food. The old oven was replaced long ago with a high-performance bakery that produces 35,000 tonnes of quality pet food per year.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. We’re constantly working to improve our products, making sure that your dogs and cats are happy, healthy and full of life. Fold Hill is still very much a family-based business and proud to be based in rural Lincolnshire.

Our passion for the countryside and our love of pets is behind everything we do. We truly believe that Fold Hill is a very different pet food manufacturer.