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Pointer Pet Products

Pointer Pet Products Ltd

We all want the best for our pets and sometimes that means changing their food. There any many reasons for such a decision. It could simply be that your favourite brand is no longer available or that you want to try a different type of food for your pet.

Distributing its products to bespoke pet food retailers and outlets across the UK, Pointer Pet Products has been manufacturing high quality pet treats and biscuits for more than 50 years.

Established in 1959, Pointers started producing dog mixer biscuits, but over recent years has expanded the product range to include a wide range of other baked and extruded dog biscuit snacks and complimentary treats. In addition to the typical “single layer” dog biscuit, Pointer also produces multi-layer biscuits and specialist custom biscuits. This year will see the launch of Pointer’s Ovalis, a ‘One a Day’ biscuit containing seven of the popular Ovalis biscuits.

Purchasing Pointer Pet Products:

Pointer Pet Products are available in all good pet shops.

For trade enquiries please contact Pointer sales manager Ann Child at a.child@pointerpetfoods.co.uk or call (mobile) 07798 670685.

For all other general enquiries please contact Fold Hill Foods on 01205 270500.

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