Farming Our Land


When Ted Grant purchased Fold Hill Farm nearly 70 years ago he had no idea what the future would hold. He was just following in his father’s footsteps, farming the land, striving to be a steward of the Lincolnshire countryside. Little did he know that he would receive an OBE for services to agriculture or found a business that produces over 35,000 tonnes of pet food every year.

Ted’s son James now manages the 3,000-acre farm, growing oats, barley and wheat as well as premium baby vegetables. He has farmed this land all his life and knows every field like the back of his hand.

Above all, James has inherited his father’s sense of natural soil management. He works hard to ensure that the soil structure of the farm is the best it can be. This is done by working with the natural cycle of the crops, using a system known as integrated crop management.

Crop Rotation

Rotating the crops from season to season keeps our soil fertile and packed with nutrients. By carefully choosing what types of crop we grow, the impact of weeds, disease and pests are considerably reduced. This means less artificial protective treatments need to be applied to the ingredients used in our recipes.

Soil Cultivation

We constantly analyse every field on the farm, mapping out the specific needs of the soil to the nearest centimetre. This is how we know exactly what our crops need to grow – nothing more, nothing less. Once again, this limits the amount of artificial fertilisers we need to use. Wherever possible organic matter is ploughed back into the ground to replace nutrients.

Timeliness is key and we ensure we work with nature not against it, using the weather itself to help break down the soil.


Good soil drainage reduces the risk of flooding or run on into local water sources, while permanent grass banks and hedges help protect against wind and water erosion. Also, whenever possible, green waste from the farm and the factory is recycled on site.

What does this mean
for our food?

Fold Hill Farm is a member of the Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) scheme. This means that we farm with nature in mind. In addition to improving the quality of our soil through traditional crop rotation, we manage our hedgerows to encourage wildlife. Our dedication to farming in an environmentally-responsible way means that you can be sure that the ingredients used in our pet foods are of the highest quality.

And we’re just as fussy about the ingredients not grown on the farm. If we cannot use our own ingredients, we source everything ourselves, wherever possible from local producers, meaning that our suppliers match our own high standards and your high expectations.

By working with Fold Hill Foods, you can be sure that your food has been made in a responsible and environmentally aware manner.