Fold Hill Foods Donates Over £30,000 of Dog Food

In 2019 so far, Foldhill Foods has donated over £30,000 worth of dog food products…

We are dedicated to donating delicious recipes to charity

Our British dog food company has this year donated over £30,000 of delicious baked recipes to dog rescue centres, dog re-homing centres and dog charities across Britain, and we certainly plan to continue this throughout the year.

Mitchell Pearson, our Charity Fundraising Coordinator at Fold Hill Foods, says: “We support as many charities and rescues as we can – donating a mix of our treats and completes, as well as our mixer meals. Helping to support charities is really important to us as a business.”

If you are a dog charity in need of some donations of food, please send an email to [email protected]