Fold Hill Charity Donations 2022

January 2022

We are proud to have donated over £24,000 worth of dog food to charities and charitable organisations up and down the UK, and certainly intend to go further still in 2022.

Dogs in Yellow Day March 2022

We celebrated with a ‘wear it yellow’ day to help raise awareness for why owners dress their dogs in yellow.
Did you know, owners who dress their dog in yellow are telling the world their dog needs time and space to get to know new people? This allows the dog the time it needs to gain confidence while out and about.
All funds raised for ‘Wear it Yellow’ and yellow-themed goodies will be donated to German Shepherd Rescue Elite.

Easter Raffle April 2022

We proudly supported Jerry Green Dog Rescue, by raising funds with our staff Easter Raffle. Congratulations to Chris for winning our hamper, filled to the brim with Easter goodies, worth over £25!