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About Fold Hill

Feeding your dog on a budget

The current financial situation means that everyone is feeling the pinch. Many dog owners are being faced with tough decisions. Can they afford to continue buying premium dog foods? Are there savings that can be made? We also know that some are asking whether they can even afford to still keep their pet at all.

We believe that you can, whatever your budget. Your dog brings companionship, safety and friendship. You want to ensure they’re getting the best from their food and, when it comes to Fold Hill, economy doesn’t mean inferior. The quality is still there. The nutrition is still there. The great taste is still there.

Our range of working dog meals is ideal for pet owners on a budget. After all, as the name suggests, they are used to feed the nation’s working dogs. Farmers and gamekeepers rely on Fold Hill Working Dog to keep their dogs in top condition, bursting with energy and full of stamina.

Your dog can feel the same benefits. Fold Hill Working Dog has been carefully formulated to supply the correct amount of vitamins, protein, minerals, fat and oils for a healthy, active diet. Peace of mind at a price you can afford.