Farm Diary Blog…!

Did you know that here at Fold Hill Foods we grow many of our own ingredients like wheat, oats and barley?

Right now on the Fold Hill Foods farm Tom is busy drilling our winter wheat, sowing the seeds for harvest next year.
The flat lands of Lincolnshire have seen endless rain over the last few weeks, making the conditions more difficult but Tom is keen to get the drilling completed sooner rather than later.

“The land is a bit wet and sticky from all the recent rain (Gus my farm dog is of course enjoying this thoroughly!) but I’m using a tine drill that is lightweight and kind on the soil.

I am drilling a wheat variety called ‘firefly’ at a rate of 225kg a hectare.
My main priority is to get the seed in as early as possible;  if you let the weeks slip by and go later you’ll pay for it next year with a late harvest.

Time and planning is so crucial week to week.”

After months of hard work Tom and Gus can soon start to wind down into winter and let the cold weather pass with cosy afternoons in the office to catch up on the paperwork.

Gus will be at Tom’s feet snoozing in his bed. It’s a hard life for Gus, but someone has to do it!