Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day at Fold Hill Foods…

Did you know that National Love Your Pet Day is 20th February 2020?

To celebrate the day, we asked our colleagues here at Fold Hill Foods to tell us all about how their four-legged friends show them affection… Here are a few of the resposes we got!

He weighs 45kg and has no idea how big he is – he shows us affection by sitting on us! Also, he loves to shove his face in ours” – Hayleigh, Commercial and Packaging Coordinator


He’s Jack the Jack Russell… he’s got a little quirk of only using 3 legs to ascend the stairs!” – Ben, IT Technician

“She gets so excited as soon as we walk in the house! She also shows us love by jumping up when she wants attention” – Steve, Operations Manager


“She’ll jump all over us to show us how much we’re loved by her!” – Andy, Engineering Manager

“He’ll stare at us until we give him treats or walks… he knows the time! He adores cuddles and brings us his toys. He’s great with the family, he’s very patient and has been around the children since they were babies!” – Cassandra, Marketing Executive


“She’s almost 14 years old and loves to show love by licking! If I stop stroking her, she’ll start licking me to let me know she wants more! She also loves sitting on me and snuggles” – Kerry, Supply Chain Manager

“Our Poppy gently taps us when she needs attention. As soon as we stop stroking her, she’ll start tapping again. However, she is ever so gentle about it, showing us that she loves us” – Wendy, Sales Administrator


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