BRAND NEW 2020 Calendar!

Laughing Dog Partners with KONG on 2020 Calendar

Foldhill Foods are proud to announce that our Laughing Dog team have produced a 2020 calendar in partnership with KONG, the enriching dog toy company who understand that ‘dogs need to play’.

What’s Inside …
Inside of the calendar, featuring a KONG recipe and a winning dog's photo of him outside enoying golden fields
Inside our Calendar…

Each month of our 2020 calendar features its very own tasty and unique KONG recipe! These innovative dog-treat combinations were created by the 12 winners of our UK-wide competition, which was held earlier this year on our Laughing Dog social media platforms.

Plus, each month features an adorable photo of one of our winners’ four-legged friends!

Where to Shop

You and your four-legged friends will find these limited-edition dog calendars exclusively on our Laughing Dog website. They are live now! What’s more, we think they make the perfect gift, especially as we head towards the end of the year… Click the link HERE to pop over to the calendars at

Guide Dogs Charity, UK

Proceeds from the calendars will be going towards the Guide Dogs charity (for every calendar sold £1 plus vat will be donated to the charity) who we have been supporting this year, with a goal set at £5,000. Therefore, please do get involved in this amazing cause, we feel very passionately about supporting such a wonderful charity.

About KONG

KONG dog toys encourage play, satisfying instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent for over 40-years. Built for durability, KONG Dog Toys offer mental and physical stimulation all while meeting a dog’s need to play.
Their KONG toys come in many sizes and are also available as part of our collaboration on our website. Click HERE to treat your four-legged friend!

The Collaboration

The opportunity to work with KONG Company has been fantastic and their company’s passion for ‘because dogs need to play’ works perfectly with our dog-happy motto!

Elselien Wijnsouw, European Marketing Manager at KONG, says: “We are very excited to work with the natural baked company, Laughing Dog, and we are looking forward to working on further projects with the team to raise awareness of Laughing Dog and KONG ”.

Mitchell Pearson, Guide Dogs’ Fundraising Coordinator at Laughing Dog, says: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work directly with our Laughing Dog customers to show off their innovative ideas for dog-treat combinations. Plus, we know that our natural baked Laughing Dog treats are a firm favourite with KONG. Especially with them being the perfect fit. KONG have been a lovely company to work with, and we are very proud of the collaborative calendar as a result of our partnership!”